What God? That nonsense of the priests and the monks? That viral infection that causes the scientists to belch? The cataract of unrestraint irrationality that flood the less capable souls with religious emotions? The indemnity against failures of life facing competitions with others? What non-sense are you talking about if God is not molecules and atoms, the star dusts and supernovae and the meaningless explosions occurring in every corner of the universe everyday throwing fountains of gases, dusts, x-rays and gamma-rays?

If God cannot be seen through the telescope of reason it must be a humbug and, at best, can be explained as epilepsy of the cortex of the person believing in such a metaphysical being. If God is purely subjective and not verifiable by anyone else but the one who is experiencing the Divine, why should anyone have any faith in his/her assertion? If we cannot have any empirical basis for the understanding the Divine and he is incomprehensible by human knowledge, then such being has no significance and meaning to the human. God is only a complex idea framed with attributes conceived in terms of human attributes - only magnified in an imaginary degree? The idea of God, as an infinitely intelligent and wise Being, arises from reflecting on the operations of our own mind, augmenting, without limit, those qualities we aspire in us as human. So what are you intending to serve us with this book? We have better things to do than reading about penetrating insight into the nature of that meaningless nonsense.

In the same way I have also argued against God and tried to attain clarity of mind untouched by the visions and illusions of the spiritual pedantic. This book is an account of my effort to understand what God could be, who has appeared in my mind as a phenomenon of the neural network - as waves swirling in a virtual space simulated by the super-super-super computer of the brain. It is a story of a torment where I am thrown into a journey in a stormy ocean of life. I have used scientific knowledge and rational introspection as anchors to find safe harbour on those islands ravaged by the turbulent onslaughts of the mind. It is a story of a drama where I have made a journey from shores to shores, collecting evidence for and against the existence of God.  At the end of the book I leave the questions of the existence of God open to the readers to decide.

I cannot distinguish reality from illusion, knowledge from ignorance, and suffering from joy. One has followed the other in my life as the most inevitable facts of existence. Similarly God has followed man, and man has followed God as inseparable dual penetrating the body and mind. Here what one may call something inside the brain and mind and those that seem existing outside it merge as the one who defines my existence as a part of the divinity. Together with molecules, atoms, and dusts and gases in the cosmos I experience my existence as one with God. What God? Eternally the same recurrence of the forces upholding the death and birth of all - from micro-molecules to the largest structures in the cosmos? The pestilence and disease that bring death in order to return energy back to life? The force that penetrates the mind and squeeze out chemical from the brain cells that generate the experience of love, joy, ecstasy and epiphany? The book offers much more than what a religious believer, or an atheist may expect from a book about God.

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