Does God exist? How mind and body may be related to the cosmos? Dialogues between atheists and theists and science and religion.
Wednesday July 15th 2020
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Has comos any mind? Has comos any mind? »

  The structures  in the universe were truly fractals, as Mandelbrot had speculated. Very similar [...]

Neural Darwinism Neural Darwinism »

There are fundamental laws about complex systems, but they are new kinds of laws. They are laws of [...]

Buddhist description of mind Buddhist description of mind »

 Buddhist describe the physico-psychological state of being as made of matter and form and four mental [...]


Swirling wavy motions in the »

Swirling wavy motions in the mental space

Religious experiences are not sacred  or neural, but sacred and neural. Hence there is a quest for interdisciplinarity. God appears as a mental [Read More]


Source of conflicts between science and religion Source of conflicts »

When religious people discusses about creation of the universe and life they believe that [...]

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Life by accident or design? »

Life by accident or design?

Have biological life sprung from accidental encounters of molecules driven by the physical forces that know... The blog is under construction. Go to the Homepage to see what it intends to offer. [Read More]

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A scientist`s encounter with the supernatural

A scientist`s encounter with the supernatural

It is a story of a nuclear physicist and a cosmologist, who encountered a mental phenomenon which he interpreted as an encounter with God. More he grappled to understand if the source of the phenomenon was his own brain or not, more he sank in a mental quagmire. Thus he entered a realm where he "heard" the voice of God, who gradually took control [...]