It is a story of a nuclear physicist and a cosmologist, who encountered a mental phenomenon which he interpreted as an encounter with God. More he grappled to understand if the source of the phenomenon was his own brain or not, more he sank in a mental quagmire. Thus he entered a realm where he “heard” the voice of God, who gradually took control of his mind.  Since then he started communicating with an incomprehensible being, who seemed to exist outside the realm of reason and rationality. The inner being became his guide. In a multi-layered reality he became a lonely traveler in a colorful visionary world that spanned from the microscopic realm of the molecules to the largest structures in the cosmos. 

The ecstasies of entering the deeper realms of the mind and discovering the mystery of existence were again and again mired by tragedies on the way.  He lost his only son on the mountain top in the Alps orchestrated by absurd coincidences of events followed by a premonition of death -as if everything was predestined from beforehand.  Again and again suffering and despair followed. Believing that the source of suffering was the psychological mess created by the belief in the spiritual world, every time he tried to tear down the spiritual world with scientific rationality, calamities followed, which led him to submit his will to the will of God that seemed to be steering the course of his life.

A story of a spiritual encounter and a drama where the author uses his scientific mind in dissecting and analyzing the Divine world,while keeping alive the power of doubt and the possibility that brain could be a computer of immense capacity to delude the mind.